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By | May 22, 2018

The VPNSecure Crack network started in 2011 and located in Queensland, Australia. Their goal is to provide users with an open and secure Internet. To do this, they offer VPN, SSH, and HTTP proxy services. These services will help you stay private, anonymous and secure online. Also, they also have an intelligent DNS service that will let you watch some of your favorite streaming media content and eliminate annoying geographical blocks on them.

VPNSecure Crack is a terrible VPN provider. I want to see and subscribe to be in the sport. Before I contact, I accept to see if it is possible. They told me it is possible that many of their clients watch sports. I am pleased, then I subscribe to their VPN. I was trying to accept to games online this is impossible because maybe they knew it was from England, despite the fact that I was using their Egyptian server. I contacted their customer service and told them I could not subscribe to them because they told me I could.

VPNSecure Crack

VPNSecure Crack 2018 Overview

VPNSecure provides many services, including VPNs, SSH (Encryption Proxy), HTTP Proxy (unencrypted-IP only), and smarter DNS. The VPN encrypts all traffic and transmits over the secure tunnel. On the other hand, SSH will just create a secure tunnel for your application that uses it. It is often referred to as “poor VPN.” The HTTP proxy acts only as an intermediary between you and the Internet so that your IP is blocked.

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The VPNSecure Crack Service offers many different plans for the services they provide. First, they have a fundamental OpenVPN plan. The program includes applications for mobile devices, access to all VPN servers in 41 countries worldwide, OpenVPN protocol, HTTP proxy access, and smarter DNS access. It sells packages of three different durations, including January, June, December. They also have a free 30-day OpenVPN program that limits your use of 2 GB.

VPNSecure Crack Working and Features

Like everyone else we’ve examined, OpenVPN provided by VPNSecure increases monthly discounts as the deadline increases. As a result, you get one month’s worth of service at $ 9.95 a month, June at $ 8.30 a month, and December at $ 7.50 a month. So, if you sign up for a year, it’s like offering free March service. They also provide a plan that includes OpenVPN and PPTP, and you can get $ 9.16 per month. If you need it, they also have OpenVPN and SSH Socks programs that have a dedicated IP address for about $ 10.00 a month or more.

Below is a subset of other service plans they provide in addition to the standard ones. Only PPTP plans are encrypted VPN plans. The HTTP proxy is just a change to the IP address of the application that has been set to use it. Smarter DNS is a service that allows you to access geographically blocked streaming channels. It is also an unencrypted service.

You can use only the PPTP protocol for $ 7.95 per month or $ 5.83 per month for the December term. If you subscribe to December, the HTTP proxy can be $ 4.95 per month or just $ 4.16 per month. Finally, you can watch your favorite streaming media channel for $ 4.95 a month or only $ 3.75 if you sign up for the December service. As you can review some of their pricing from this briefing, VPNSecure offers a wide range of service plans.

Like most services we reviewed, all payments are made as a single payment over the entire term length. vpn.S accepts most credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. You can also pay to use PayPal. Doing so will allow you to pay using PayPal to manage your account. Additional payment options include Perfect Money, Payza, CashU, and Bitcoin. Paying with bitcoin will keep you anonymous.

Refunds are only available to those who can not use the SecureVPN service. You have to exhaust all means through their support, not to solve the problem. Also, you must also use 50 MB of bandwidth. Because these refund requests are particular, I suggest you take a 2-day trial before you decide to subscribe for a more extended period.

  • Windows / Linux / Mac – The same experience across all platforms
  • DNS leak protection
  • UDP leak protection
  • Internet kill switch (disconnected from the internet, VPN disconnected)
  • IPv6 Leak Protection (Killing Switches in Settings, DNS Will Block Any IPv6 Request)
  • Open on startup
  • Invisible VPN (this allows automatic Obfsproxy)
  • TCP port 443 server
  • UDP port 1191 server
  • Automatic geographical search
  • Advanced Routing – (routing a specific domain through a specific domain around VPN or VPN)
  • Advanced Configuration – Add any “OpenVPN” setting options
  • Sock Configuration – The ability to connect to socks / HTTP server
  • Hide your track and clear the nearest server
  • Hide your tracks, client connection logs, clear after each start
  • Submit a support request
  • Change the theme between light and darkness
  • Select a language: (English / Japanese / German / French / Russian / Spanish)

How VPNSecure Crack Works?

VPNSecure protects your privacy, identity and personal information by using encrypted VPN tunnels to send and transmit data over the internet. Their VPN connection will use one of their protocols to encrypt your data to bypass any local server that may limit or review your browsing requests and activities.

The VPNSecure also hides your IP address to prevent third-party entities from identifying you. It replaces your IP address with their one so that others will see the dynamic IP address of VPNSecure Crack, not your own. This system will protect your privacy and keep all your online transactions anonymous.

VPNSecure Crack allows you to connect to one of its 68 VPN servers in 46 countries. So that you can access any local site at the server’s location.¬†Just as if you were physically connected to the internet in a particular country or region. Even though you are in another country, Lets you watch your favorite local video and TV shows anywhere in the world.

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